Environmental Leadership

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What Does It Mean To Be Green?

Comfort Inn & Suites is ranked as the top green hotel in Revere by Trip Advisor, and has earned Gold Status on their Green Leaders platform. Furthermore, they have been certified as an Energy Star building as a result of their efficient use of energy in 2014. Many of the efforts go on behind the scenes so as not to change the exceptional guest experience. However, there are a number of initiatives that we would love you, our guest, to know about!

  • Local bakery for our bread and pastries
  • Partner with local business to compost, and send all compostable items to the Rocky Hill Farm in nearby Saugus, MA
  • High speed, EV Charging available to the public
  • Waste reducing Amenity Dispensers
  • 100% Carbon offset/RECs meaning a carbon footprint free stay!
  • LED lights
  • Combined Heat & Power
  • Green Seal Cleaning Products